Do you have a GeoCoin designed by SCAVOK?

Celtic Tree of Life (obverse)
Celtic Tree of Life (obverse)

This is but one example is several GeoCoins designed by SCAVOK (we’ll post other examples of these geocoin-style medallions along with more about the “SCAVOK” name once the website gets relaunched).

If you are looking to learn more about the artist, please revisit when we have an opt-in feature to allow you to download the free report, illustrating also several other of the artists works.

GeoCoin designed by SCAVOK
GeoCoin designed by SCAVOK

In the interim, the family has re-activated this domain name and all we can say at the moment is that it is…


Well, okay… here is a little more of the story behind one SCAVOK geocoin [as paraphrased from ~paraphrased from]…

The Journey
The Journey

With distractions all around, the true light is often appears to be the small one at the end of the tunnel.

There is, of course, beauty in the tangled and complicated.

The view along the path (as well as the path itself) is to be enjoyed while journeying to whatever that lighted destination may be.

For the geocacher in all of us, we occasionally wish to go out with no other plans than to get as many finds as we can before day’s end. But at the end of the day, what is it that makes us want to go out and cache again tomorrow?

There is the long travel, the hunt, the search and guessing game.

Normally a find, quick sign and then we do it all over again… we do it for the journey that brings us to the cache; for the anticipation of the find and discoveries along the way.

‘Tis better to journey hopefully than to arrive… Sometimes the journey is the destination.

For the art itself SCAVOK drew the single teardrop shape after seeing some very out of place oasis orchids while visiting the southern deserts of New Mexico.

It also has some influence from the fantastical Carlsbad Caverns in seeing natural light far off and overhead while down in a cave.

SCAVOK personally prefered the round coins, so seeing the natural radial patterns in both floral and mineral form added to the effect and finished it off.

If you were fortunate enough to get one while you could, you already know… this GeoCoin has these features:

  • Measures 2″ diameter
  • Detailed multi-level designs on both sides
  • Translucent colors that are see-through
  • Trackable on
  • If enough were ordered, an icon unique to this coin would show on your profile when you logged your discovery.
6 versions of one design by SCAVOK
6 versions of one design by SCAVOK ©2014, L. Kovacs

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